Your Dreams Matter. Your Story Matters. You Matter.

Join coach + author Maiya Rose and reclaim your life after chronic illness has derailed it. 
Illness changes us and challenges us. We grieve for who we were. We fear that we cannot be the person we were striving to be, can't have the life we were working for, have the healthy body we deserve, or the relationships we desire
While your life may have changed, you can re-craft + reclaim your life, dreams, and stories.  
My coaching programs are for you have a chronic illness (like I do), live with chronic pain (like I do), or find yourself lost after a major health setback (like I did). 
     Coaching since 1997, I grew my experience, expanded my training, and fervently tested what I learned to reclaim the life I was afraid I'd lost to daily pain. What dreams did you put aside due to illness or setbacks? Are you ready to relaunch them?
 As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Coach Inc. trained Life & Business Coach, my real-life courses + coaching programs to help you:

  • discover who you are now, 

  • choose who you want to become, 

  • embrace what you want to do,

  • create a plan to get you there, and

  • wake up each day inspired, energized, and ready to fully embrace the day

  • ...whatever life brings. 

     Each of our paths is divinely unique. Together we’ll uncover what's truly important to you and help you create a path to get there.  I am here to help you pave that path.

All my comprehensive programs involve working one-on-one by phone or via Skype, and are personalized to fit your needs. Your first step is to set up a complimentary visioning session with me to sample my coaching style, find out if I have a customized program that is right for you, and to see if we’re a good match. Contact me today!