Who I Am

I am a mother of four, a wife, daughter, friend, and sister living in beautiful California Gold Country. My passions include travel, science fiction, cupcakes, chocolate, and ice cream. A former fortune 500 executive, I am now an evangelist for leading an inspiring and beautiful life. I have been coaching since 1997: sharing life, health, spiritual, and business programs. My diverse clientele have created businesses that are changing and healing the world. They are all unique forms of Healers, Helpers, Entrepreneurs, Spiritualists, and Holistic Practitioners. I am also an award winning author and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I now specialize in reclaiming your life while coping with chronic illness, chronic pain, and depression. I believe each of our paths is divinely unique. My naturally intuitive style, balanced by my experience coaching, and life experience is why I’ve had client relationships spanning years.

My Other Qualifications

I am a Coach U graduate and have a B.S. in Business from UCONN (Go Huskies!), B.S. in Holistic Life Coaching from Sedona University, a Personal Nutrition Diploma from Shaw Academy, an Advanced Diploma in Principles of Nutrition from Shaw Academy, and an Advanced Diploma in Sport and Exercise Nutrition from Shaw Academy.

From 2008 - 2010, I was a mentor coach for Milana Leshinsky’s Profit Acceleration Mastermind and Niche Marketing System. I am the founder and head coach of Master Success Circle. I also have an award-winning book, Grow It! The $1000 a Day Business Model for growing entrepreneurs looking to fuel their soul… and bank accounts. I am the creator of many successful programs including; Passionate Purpose Program™, Meaningful Streams of Income™, FibroLifeCoach™, and Clean Eating and Cupcakes™. Contact me for information on how to start 1:1 coaching in any of these programs.