PROGRAMS 2019-2020

PLANNERS, TRACKERS & NOTEBOOKS: Redesigned and updated, these are my personal and business trackers, planners, and notebook designs I’ve only shared with private clients, friends and family over the years. From eating well to growing new passive income streams, I’m sharing it all!

COACHING: I’ve been coaching since 1997. The coaching programs below are the ones I created, taught, and live in my everyday life. Learn more below. [Note: I only have 1 private coaching spot open for June 2019. Contact me if you’re interested.]

~ Maiya Rose

Author, Designer, Coach Inc. Graduate, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and Serial Entrepreneur.


Help Your Body Heal? Lose Weight? Avoid Allergies? Eat Cupcakes, too? Yes!

Clean Eating and Cupcakes™

Finally learn what to eat, what not to eat, and why. It’s not about what other eating plans tell you TO EAT, it’s what they ALL tell you NOT TO EAT. Plus one more magic factor that they all miss.

I’ll share how I stopped my daily stomach pain, gas, bloating, and cramping and eliminated my daily use of inhalers. Completely personalized. Completely focused on your lifestyle. Clean Eating and Cupcakes™ is the one healthy eating plan you need to feel better, look better, and help your body heal.

Plus while I lost and kept off 25 pounds with this eating lifestyle (for over 6 years), my daughter has currently lost over 50 pounds and is cruising toward her goal! You’ll get a chance to learn from her too!


Fibromyalgia Life Coaching with Maiya because Being Heard Changes Everything

Fibrolifecoach™ Program

Here’s a plan (and toolkit) that works and has allowed me to re-craft my life and my business. I’ll share how I re-designed my work spaces, business model, sleeping spaces, exercise and eating habits, and more to fuel this new fibro life.

Yes, it’s an ongoing journey with some twists and turns (with practical tools, trackers, and support which I’ll share with you) and hopefully some of my insights will help you as they have helped others.

Most importantly, I know we are all unique, so everything we do together will be customized to you and the lifestyle you want to create for yourself. If you want to work with an experienced coach who has “been there”, click to learn more.


Grow multiple, Meaningful Streams of Income™: fuel your soul…and your bank account.

Meaningful streams of income™

I’m updating my award-winning Grow It! Program for 2020. If you are spiritually and passion-driven, wanting to create a change the world business, or heal others with your programs and services, then the Meaningful Streams of Income™ business model may be right for you.

This program was the core of my Master Success Circle, which worked for so many, yet no, I won’t be re-opening its doors. Outside of private coaching with me, the book and workbook will be the only way to get the complete set of materials going forward.

As always, I love this approach for growing a business and organically creating multiple, Meaningful Streams of Income™.